Saturday, October 23, 2010

Decaf Coffee - Is It Really Better for Your Health?

There's always great debate about decaf coffee - is it really any healthier than regular caffeinated coffee? It seems that if you limit your coffee consumption to a couple of cups or less a day (and you don't feel any ill effects from drinking that coffee) then you're probably okay with regular coffee. But, coffee has a bad effect on many people - causing them to feel jittery, nervous or even causing raised blood pressure.

If you choose to drink decaf coffee, make sure that you're drinking Swiss Water decaffeinated coffee. This is a process that naturally removes that caffeine from coffee, leaving you with a cup of coffee that is still delicious, but without the vast majority of caffeine. (Little hint for coffee lovers: a bit of caffeine remains in any decaf coffee, so don't drink too much of even the decaf if you're sensitive to caffeine!)

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