Sunday, March 25, 2007

Coffee Tips and Hints - Serve your Coffee with Honey instead of Sugar

Here's a little tip a friend told me about, and I've been using for months now. If you're trying to stay away from highly processed sugars (as I am) then serve your coffee with HONEY instead of white sugar. Demerera sugar is also a more natural option.

Surprisingly, the honey just tastes smooth and delicious and right in a cup of coffee. At first I was hesitant to try, but give honey a try and you'll be surprised that it's amazingly delicious in coffee.

Coffee Recipes - Jamaican Coffee Recipe

Jamaican Coffee~Serves 6
Submitted by Dorina

5 cups hot black coffee
2 oz (60ml) Tia Maria
1 oz (30ml) white rum
5 oz (150ml) thickened cream, lightly whipped

Put all Ingredients except cream into a saucepan and warm slowly, being careful not to boil the liquid. Warm six brandy glasses and pour the warmed liquid into each. Now add cream to each glass and serve.