Monday, July 03, 2006

You Need a Cute Coffee Mug: My Favorite Coffee Mugs

One of my favorite personal coffee mugs is a bagel mug, but I've managed to find a number of really cool new coffee mugs for coffee creation blog lovers. Check them out:

For COLORFUL Personalities: Santa Fe Coffee Mugs
Set of 4 - $23.99
Just because you LOVE a splash of spicy color - LOVE these ones! (Think I'll add them to my own wish list...)

For the CLASSY: Pormeirion Latte Mugs
Set of 6
Not for the cheapos among us...a truly elegant way to sip on your latte.

For TRENDSETTERS:Bodum's Stainless Steel Lipstick Travel Coffee Mug

For Traditionalists: Churchill China Chelsea Blue Coffee Mugs
Set of 4

For Neat Freaks: Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs -
Set of 4 - Stackable

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