Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Give a Cool Coffee Boost to Any Smoothies this Summer - Coffee Ice Cubes

Yesterday I froze my leftover brewed coffee in an ice cube tray and voila - delicious, cold icy cubes of my favorite coffee! These are so useful in the summer to add to your favorite cold coffee drinks. Iced lattes become even more java-licious when you add a couple of coffee ice cubes to the glass first (instead of boring old regular ice cubes.)

Or, toss a few of these into your favorite vanilla smoothie for an instant boost of both flavor AND caffeine! Yeehawww....

Hey, if you have a favorite cold coffee drink to slurp on this summer, be sure to post it in our comments below.


smbwallace said...

What a great idea!

Coffeebrista said...

Mix this all together put it in normal latte. Mix wipping cream sugar and vanilla all together then put it in coffee.