Wednesday, June 04, 2008

A Healthier Take on an Iced Cap

We've talked about Iced Caps before! They're creamy, gooey, delicious...and likely absolutely LOADED with fat, calories and chemicals. So...I'm on a mission this summer! I am going to experiment with ingredients and techniques and come up with a far healthier, yet equally delicious Iced Cap to rival anything Tim Horton's can make!

My goals:
  • Use only real, natural ingredients like milk, coffee, vanilla, cream
  • Use NO refined white sugar - instead I'll try to stick to honey or other natural sweeteners (no artificial sweeteners either! Yes...I know it'll be a challenge!)
  • Cut back on both calories and fat
  • Make a gorgeously delicious, creamy and smooth summertime drink that I won't feel so awful ingesting! :)

Have any tips for me? Just post a comment or email me at Thanks guys!

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